Our Corporate Supporters:

Here at Veteran Owned UK we have an exclusive Founding Key Partner Program for businesses that understand and support Veterans. These 9 Corporate Supporters have been fundamental in growing Veteran Owned UK to where it is today.
Take a look at their website to see what they do on a daily basis besides supporting Veteran Owned Businesses.

To be announced SOON.........


Our Personal Supporters:

Here's a selection of individuals who love to support Veteran Owned Businesses whenever they can.
Who will be joining us next?

Mike-7949 final

"Veteran Owned UK are breaking new ground by supporting Veteran Owned Businesses through their online Business Directory.

They saw the UK needed a means of easily finding Veteran Owned Businesses and created a website to solve that issue.

Their website is a great place to find a Veteran Owned Business supplying the product or service you need."

- Rt Hon Sir Mike Penning MP