Show off your Veteran Owned status.

Velcro Union Flag patch

75mm x 50mm patch with Velcro hook backing.

Red/Blue (Sold Out)
£8 each inc p&p

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Limited Edition Silhouette logo patch

100mm x 55mm Velcro hook backed patch.
£10 inc P&P

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Veteran Owned Proud Member Sticker (pair)

A pair of 150mm x 75mm Proud member stickers.
£4 per pair inc P&P.

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Veteran Owned UK Proud Member Window Sticker

These 150mm x 75mm window stickers are designed to be stuck inside and the logo is shown on the outside of the window.
£4 each in P&P.

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Veteran Owned Member Flag

VOUK Proud Members flag. 1m x 0.5m with clips.
£15 inc p&p

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Veteran Owned Member Vehicle Sticker

VOUK Proud Member vehicle sticker.
These are a large vehicle specific sticker that can be stuck to company vehicles such as vans. 450mm x 225mm (approximately A3 size).

£12 per sticker.
£5 postage per order (these need to be flat packed to prevent bending).

Out of stock