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Here at Mortgage Squared, we recognise the importance of the right advice when it comes to getting a mortgage. We have helped numerous people secure the right mortgage for their circumstances, and we always strive to give you the best advice possible.

There are a lot of brokers and advisors out there that offer the same generic advice, and the truth is, if they don’t have experience within the unique world of HM forces and veterans then you may not get the best possible outcome. We understand there are people out there that can struggle to get mortgages due to first-time buying, self-employment, ex-military and even bad credit. We take pride in being able to help everyone across the board.

Our Story

Mortgage Squared was founded by Simon Rowe and has very quickly become one of the go-to places in the UK for mortgage information, advice, protection and insurance.

Mortgage Squared have, over the last few years, really started to put themselves at the forefront of the market and were the recipients of the Armed Forces Covenant Bronze Award as well winning the Theo Paphitis (Dragons Den) Small Business Sunday business award. Simon Rowe has also featured in the UK Top rated financial advisers guide as published in the Times newspaper for 2018, 2019 and again will feature in the 2020 guide to be published on the 8th February.

They offer a specialised service when it comes to military mortgages and protection and have been nationally recognised for the mortgage and protection service that they provide for veterans.

Being veteran owned and run gives them the experience necessary to deliver exceptionally specialised advice to forces personnel. Simon himself has over 20 years of military experience, adding this to his 12 years of mortgage and finance experience, and this makes him the go-to person for guidance and provision of military mortgages and protection. He is still currently serving as a Reservist in the Rifles.

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The Journey

Mortgage Squared hit the market at what was a difficult time, but this really didn’t have an impact on the success of Mortgage Squared. This was due to the experience and knowledge of its founder. Mortgage Squared realised the value of great guidance and advice when it comes to mortgages, and over the years many relationships have been built with lenders so you can rest assured that you will always get the best possible deal when you come to us.

A word from Mortgage Squared

“We have made it our ethos that whatever your background or requirement, we will do everything we can to help get you the mortgage you deserve.

And thanks to our happy customers, we are proud to be a five-star reviewed company over a plethora of platforms – we know that our reputation will only grow throughout the industry in the years to come.”

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How we get the right deal for you

We’re confident that we have the right knowledge to give you the service you deserve. We strive for betterment and never stop taking invaluable feedback. You can be sure that with over a decade of experience, Mortgage Squared can help you.
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