Once a Pilgrim

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John Carr has recently left the SAS, after a long and distinguished career, and is now working for a Russian oligarch in the murky world of private security.

But an incident from his past – in which three terrorists were brutally killed – suddenly comes back to haunt him.

Tracked by a hitman out for revenge, John Carr is forced to step over the line to defend himself and his family. It’s a cruel and violent world and one he thought he’d left behind.

But some wars never end.

Patriot Games meets Taken: In Once A Pilgrim, John Carr shows all the Reacher-esque hallmarks of a cold-blooded antihero doing what needs to be done, whatever the consequences.

JAMES DEEGAN MC is a fantastic new voice in the thriller genre, writing with unprecedented authority and authenticity.

‘As close as it gets to the real thing’
Mark 'Billy' Billingham MBE . Former SAS Warrant Officer and star of TV's SAS Who Dares Wins


"Garry Curtis is a solider, whom some might say is of misfortune, rather that the opposite. Yet, he is a man, who has lived not one but several lives in an existence of remarkable colour and variance. His story is frank and heartfelt, expressed in a street language that he knows intimately. From his earliest childhood memories to the career direction that shaped his livelihood, he expresses his emotions with intensity and sparkling wit. He has been in the front-line. He has worked behind the scenes. However, Garry is never the less that forthright and unafraid of pertinent invective. This superbly well-expressed work is both dramatic and tragic. It deals with with life and death in equal measure and displays and energy that will fill you with laughter and hope." Garry is a rare breed of man, he is a man of high standards and for the most part a decent, caring lad who always looking out for those around him. A once promising boxer, a former Royal Marines commando, an elite firefighter in the fire rescue unit in London and for a couple of decades as close protection and a hostile environment consultant has been constantly putting himself in harms way to look after those persons he has been given the privilege to look after, as well as looking after others that have been in a bad place during some kind of attack. Many lives saved also much death around him. A family man, a father of four beautiful, adoring children and his world is his grandson Ralph Garry has been asked by so many people over the years to write a book and always pushed it to one side. However, after a breathtaking daring escape whilst held against his will in Libya 2011 by colonel Gaddaffis loyalist gunmen, not only had Garry successfully escaped with the ITN media team, he then returned to carry out what could have been a daring rescue. A chain reaction of bad luck followed and lies as well as embarrassment from an individual caused Garry's world to come crashing down around him. During a four year period the man that so many had entrusted their lives run out of fight and almost succumbed to death not only from injury in Afghanistan, which led to four huge surgeries where he contracted blood poisoning, also the darkest place he has been his own war. Surprisingly or not surprisingly, once you read what he has been through he almost died at his own hand an attempted suicide. Then the love of his life along with the dramas from a former lover in Ukraine. Garry's world comes crashing down. The pride of this man was so great and the financial ruin caused by just a very few and what he describes as his perfect storm, the culmination of all this, wreaked havoc and the trigger for Garry to step down that dark road. Garry being Garry is back stronger than ever and rebuilding his life. This is the powerful no warts brutal truth of a sometimes larger than life ordinary down to earth guy some call a hero. Garry would always say I am not a hero it's just a job, it's just me, I love my job. Gary supports mental health charities such as Rock2Recovery a charity set up to support men, women and families of the armed forces. Also the London Air Ambulance as they flew Garry to Hospital when he tried to commit suicide. Proceeds from "incoming" will go towards helping these charities help people all over the U.K.

One that got away

The heroic, real-life personal account of Chris Ryan's most famous mission, The One That Got Away, is now reworked for a new generation.

Some authors just write about it. Chris Ryan has been there, done it - and here is the gripping real-life tale . . .

During the Gulf War in 1991, Chris Ryan became separated from the other members of the SAS patrol, Bravo Two Zero. Alone, he beat off an Iraqi attack and set out for Syria. Over the next seven days he walked almost 200 miles, his life constantly in danger.

Of the eight SAS members involved in this famous mission, only one escaped capture. This is his story . . .

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Sniper One

Sniper One is the gritty, awe-inspiring true story that takes you right into the heart of the Iraq war from Sunday Times No.1 bestseller Sgt. Dan Mills.

'One of the best first-hand accounts of combat that I've ever read' Andy McNab

We all saw it at once. Half a dozen voices screamed 'Grenade!' simultaneously. Then everything went into slow motion. The grenade took an age to travel through its 20 metre arc. A dark, small oval-shaped package of misery the size of a peach ...

April 2004: Dan Mills and his platoon of snipers fly into southern Iraq, part of an infantry battalion sent to win hearts and minds. They were soon fighting for their lives.

Back home we were told they were peacekeeping. But there was no peace to keep. Because within days of arriving in theatre, Mills and his men were caught up in the longest, most sustained fire fight British troops had faced for over fifty years.

This awe-inspiring account tells of total war in throat-burning winds and fifty-degree heat, blasted by mortars and surrounded by heavily armed militias. For six months, they fought alone: isolated, besieged and under constant enemy fire. Their heroic stand a modern-day Rorke's Drift.

Dan Mills served for 24 years as an Infantry Soldier reaching the rank of Warrant Officer Class 2. During his long military career he served on operations in Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan. Dan was awarded a 'Mention In Despatches' for Gallantry for his services during The Iraq War. Since leaving the Army in 2010, he has forged a career as a writer and security consultant, amongst other things. Sniper One is his first book.

Bram Fighting Season
Bram Off Reservation

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I always knew that I would join the Army. As a young boy I would spend hours reading “Combat and Survival” magazine and watching “Tour of Duty”. On the weekends my best friend, Sam Townsend, and I would ride our bikes into the bush, not far from where we lived, and practice the skills needed to survive on the battlefield, patrolling, ambushing, observation and reporting. It was always just part of what made me tick.

On my 17th Birthday, I went to the recruiting office in Adelaide and sat the interviews and tests required to join the Army. The 5th of February 1991 was to be my first day in the army and what followed was 20 years of hard work. It wasn't the glamorous, glossy life that was depicted on the pages of “Combat and Survival” magazine, but in many ways I had a very fortunate career, and in some cases I was just in the right place at the right time. I attended the first Commando Selection Course in 1996 for the newly raised 4th Battalion “Commando”; of which I was a founding member. I was also a founding member of the Tactical Assault Group – East (TAG-E). My operational deployments included Somalia as a forward scout (1993), Timor as a Reconnaissance Patrol Commander (2001), Timor again, as the 3rd Brigade Special Operations Liaison Officer (2006), and I deployed twice to Afghanistan, the first time as a Company Operations Officer (2008) and the next time as a Commando Platoon Commander (2010).

I owe much to the Army and the men and women that I served with, way too much to detail as an author’s note. Suffice to say that I am the person that I am now because of these amazing life experiences, the formal training that I received throughout my career and the strong bonds and relationships that I formed with fellow warriors, but enough about me……

Matt Rix is my way of taking you, the reader, into battle.

Let me tell you now that close combat is exciting, your senses are on overdrive and your awareness is amplified, you can do the seemingly impossible. The relief that flushes over you when those first rounds start cracking overhead is something you have to experience to believe, it’s euphoric and once you've tasted it you want more, so much more.

Let me tell you now that combat is terrifying; the fog of war can overtake your senses and make you ineffective, rifle shots and machine guns, screams and explosions all make up the stimulus flooding in to the mind. The adrenalin alone can cripple the fittest man and make you gasp for breath, the easiest tasks become totally unachievable and once you've experienced it you never want to again.

Matt Rix has experienced both of these dimensions of combat. He is a flawed person. At times he is a great leader and at other times he is ineffective. He isn’t real though, nor is his platoon or any of the other characters save for the obvious historical figures. What are real are the descriptions of the landscapes and the descriptions of combat. I have tried to capture the frictions of war that I personally experienced and describe the stress that it puts on leaders and their soldiers.

Finally, much is said and implied in the book of the relationship between The 2nd Commando Regiment and The Special Air Service Regiment. This relationship can occasionally be strained. When two units espouse their mottos “Without Warning” and “Who Dares Wins” this is going to happen. It’s important, however, to note that both units are full of exemplary Australians, people who have devoted their whole lives to the defence of Australia and put themselves deliberately in harms way again and again to ensure mission success, at home and abroad. Some of these men have given everything. On behalf of all Australian’s, and to both these units, thank you.

To you the reader, I hope that you enjoy Matt Rix’s deployment as much as I did.

Bram Connolly, DSM

Op Blue Halo

Richard Joynce, whilst not a Veteran, does donate money from the sale of these books to military charities. Take a look, and support a charity too.

Johnny Vince has retired from the Special Forces - but Johnny doesn't do civilian life. When a mission is offered alongside US military, he grabs at the chance.

The task: to rescue wealthy American, Larry Schultz, from captivity in Yemen.

However, Johnny has always attracted trouble. From the outset, he is up to his neck in danger. The explosive race to free Schultz from Somali pirates leaves a trail of death, destruction and deceit.

Just why is Schultz so important? But who comes first: his squad members, Larry Schultz, or his brother, held hostage by the same drug cartel which is after Schultz?

All Johnny knows is that it has become personal. To save his brother, he has to survive.

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Kisses from Nimbus

Shot at, bombed, imprisoned and arrested for murder. His is the story the establishment doesn’t want you to read.

Captain P. J. “Red” Riley is an ex-SAS soldier who served for eighteen years as an MI6 agent.

Riley escaped internment in Chile during the Falklands war during an audacious top-secret attempt to attack the Argentinian mainland.

He was imprisoned in the darkness of the Sierra Leonean jungle, and withstood heavy fire in war-torn Beirut and Syria.

In 2015, he was arrested for murder but all charges were later dropped.

In this searing memoir, Riley reveals the brutal realities of his service, and the truth behind the newspaper headlines featuring some of the most significant events in recent British history. His account provides startling new evidence on the Iraq war, what Tony Blair really knew about Saddam Hussain’s weapons of mass destruction before the allied invasion, and questions the British government’s alleged involvement in the death of Princess Diana.

Chaotic, darkly humorous and at times heart-wrenchingly sad, Kisses From Nimbus charts the harrowing real-life experiences of a soldier and spy in the name of Queen and country.



Whilst geopolitics, economics, religion and ethnicity all play crucial roles in starting and sustaining conflict this book advances the idea that it will be people’s behaviour, and the West’s ability to understand, interpret and influence that behaviour which will become the defining characteristic of resolving future armed disputes. This seminal study draws directly on the authors’operational experiences in Sierra Leone, Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Lebanon and Afghanistan. Includes a chapter by behavioural scientist Dr. Lee Rowland and an introduction by the BBC Radio 4 “More or Less” presenter Tim Harford. The foreword is by former ISAF commander General (ret.) Stanley McChrystal. This book argues that future conflicts will be best resolved by focusing attention on altering the behaviours of others, either in advance – and therefore deterring conflict – or as a coupled component in the process of combat and post-combat operations. They also argue that Western Armies have learnt too many lessons the hard way and been found wanting too easily. "Behavioural Conflct" argues for a fundamental rethink of the way that the West’s militaries are organised, educated, trained and deployed.

Other titles by the author Steve Tatham:

Chris Hunter


For the past twenty years, some of the most dangerous places on earth. And for Major Chris Hunter, just some of the places where he has defused bombs in his ceaseless battle against terrorism and the bombmakers.

This is the story of a teenager with no hopes who joined the army at sixteen and went on to become one of the most successful counter-terrorism operators in the world.

This is the story of survival when all the odds are stacked against you, when every second feels like a lifetime, when the sound of your heart beating is as deafening as a ticking bomb.

This is what it's like, day in day out, to take your life and the lives of others in your own hands, and make a difference.

And this is what it costs to live that life...

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Chantelle Taylor joined the British Army in 1998 as a combat medical technician. Ten years later she made history, becoming the first female soldier to kill a Taliban fighter in close-quarter combat while on patrol in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. In Battleworn, she tells the story of B Company, a beleaguered group of individuals who fought relentlessly to hold Nad-e Ali, a dusty, sweltering hellhole surrounded by the Taliban.

A routine patrol into an area saturated with enemy fighters escalates into a seven-week siege. Facing the possibility of death daily, Taylor writes of gun battles and perilous patrols, culminating in the extraction of more than sixty-six casualties with four killed in action.

A powerful story written with a humility that captures the sometimes impalpable humour of soldiers at war, Battleworn provides a testament to combat medics all over the world. It highlights the crucial role that they play in today’s 360-degree battlefield.

Gritty, harrowing and full of courage, a testimony to the men and woman from the council estates of Britain who lived and died in the longest campaign the British Army has fought in decades a must read for any politician.
– AR retired Warrant Officer 1st Class 22 SAS


Deadly Game

The second book in the Robert Finlay series.

Reeling from the attempts on his life and that of his family, Police Inspector Robert Finlay returns to work to discover that any hope of a peaceful existence has been dashed. Assigned to investigate the Eastern European sex-slave industry just as a key witness is murdered, Finlay, along with his new partner Nina Brasov, finds himself facing a ruthless criminal gang, determined to keep control of the traffic of people into the UK. On the home front, Finlay’s efforts to protect his wife and child may have been in vain, as an MI5 protection officer uncovers a covert secret service operation that threatens them all… Picking up where the bestselling Wicked Game left off, Deadly Game sees Matt Johnson’s damaged hero fighting on two fronts. Aided by new allies, he must not only protect his family but save a colleague from an unseen enemy … and a shocking fate.

‘Utterly compelling and dripping with authenticity. This summer’s must-read thriller’ - J S Law, author of Tenacity
‘Nothing is clear-cut in a gripping labyrinthine plot, which – despite thrills and spills aplenty – never falls short of believable’ - David Young, author of Stasi Child
‘Terse, tense and vivid writing. Matt Johnson is a brilliant new name in the world of thrillers’ - Peter James

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Eating Smoke


Chris Thrall left the Royal Marine Commandos to find fortune in Hong Kong, but following a bizarre series of jobs ended up homeless and in psychosis from crystal meth addiction.

He began working for the 14K, a notorious crime syndicate, as a nightclub doorman in the Wan Chai red-light district, where he uncovered a vast global conspiracy and the ‘Foreign Triad’ – a secretive expat clique in cahoots with the Chinese gangs.

Alone and confused in the neon glare of Hong Kong’s seedy backstreets, Chris was forced to survive in the world’s most unforgiving city, hooked on the world’s most dangerous drug.

Engaging, honest and full of Chris’s irrepressible humour, this remarkable memoir combines gripping storytelling with brooding menace as the Triads begin to cast their shadow over him. The result is a truly psychotic urban nightmare.


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3 days in June

This book is an account of the 3rd Battalion The Parachute Regiment during the last three days of the Falklands war, it has been put together with the goodwill of the members of 3 Para and their attachments. When I asked Lieutenant-General Sir Hew Pike KCB, DSO, MBE if he would do a read through, to make sure he had no objections to the content and if he would be kind enough to write the foreword, this was his reply, it sums up what the book is all about.


The best book of many that I have read on the Falklands war. Honest, gritty, gruesome and sometimes the humour of the service personnel shows through what was surely a very dangerous and scary time. Instead of just one persons views of what was happening, it was refreshingly different to read several people giving their recollections of events. I would highly recommend this book to anyone with an interest in the Falklands War or with military history in general. Well done to everyone involved in this book. I am sure that it must have seemed a gigantic task and wondering if it would ever be finished. Taking and collating countless interviews must have been very frustrating at times........ Well done again everyone.

on 11 May 2017



"Highly recommended" - SOLDIER, Official magazine of the British Army.

"Thought provoking and gripping, the battle within is an excellent read". Matt Johnson, author of best seller Wicked Game. Synopsis... From Neil's early days as a bullied schoolboy, to the day he joined the British Army as a combat infantryman and the challenging events that followed. Newly recruited into the Royal Welch Fusiliers and quickly adopted by the mortar platoon, life came both fast and exciting. Within just 12 months, Neil took part in many training exercises in both the UK and aboard. From Parachute training, to covering the National Fire strikes to training as a patrol medic, plus more. He was even planning an attempt on the tough SAS selection course. April 2004. Deployed to Iraq with the mortar platoon and acting as patrol medic. April 21st will remain a day never forgotten. 5 suicide car bombs ripped through Basra leaving over 70 dead including many children, and hundreds badly wounded including Neil who was only 20ft from the blast. Knocked off his feet and hit by shrapnel. For many this would be traumatic enough, but for Neil this was only the beginning of a series of events that would test even the toughest to the limit, possibly beyond. This is the inspiring true story of a mind that cannot be broken.


Black Flag

"This gripping terrorism thriller has it all: political intrigue, espionage, conspiracy and suspense. SJ Parkes delivers a fast-paced, action-packed novel that is leaving readers gasping for more."

A find and a fix: that was the job. Locate and fix the target to an address, observe and await further instructions. It should have been easy.
When ex-soldier Owen Gallagher accepts a freelance surveillance assignment he thinks it's just another job, but that's before this off-the-books tasking ensnares him in an ever-deepening mystery. With the assistance of former military colleagues, a Chelsea Pensioner, a mercenary with anger-management issues, a smattering of London gangsters, and a confused MI5 officer, Gallagher must gather and decode all the pieces of a puzzle that threatens to drag the world into the abyss.

Wanted by the police and intelligence services, Gallagher seeks answers among the shadows of global security inhabited by spies, assassins and international terrorists.

On their journey through a maze of conspiracy, betrayal and intrigue, the comradeship of veterans binds together a group of men fighting a new kind of battle, in a war where politics and deceit are the real weapons of mass destruction.


Last Will CG Buswell

How will a dying patient in a hospice take his revenge? What are his final wishes and what will his solicitor reveal when she reads out his Last Will and Testament?

5-star author C.G. Buswell brings another story from his dark, tempestuous mind. Burnt Vengeance will have you screaming for the light and grappling with your imagination as you try to quell your fear.

Reviews for his other novels and short stories:

Absolutely brilliant book Chris. So well written. I have no understanding of Wellington or Napoleon but I understood what was in the book. I feel like I know Scott personally. Would recommend this book to anyone. Gripping,enthralling and more. Did not take me long to read at all. Can’t wait for the next adventure. - Tigger, Paperback Reader, 5 Star Amazon Review.

I couldn't put it down because the pace was gripping. I thought this book was very well researched and managed the two genres of gritty realism, of Afghanistan, with a supernatural agent - the ghost- driving the main story, her story very well. There was some very moving writing about episodes in the first world war battles to where the main character Scott is taken back by the ghost. Or is it his post traumatic stress hallucinations? This is clever stuff and most of the time the writer pulls it off. Occasionally when facts are given to us outside the protagonists point of view eg p 109/110 it jars a bit and occasionally the medical terminology was lost on me as lay person. But all in all it's very well done and it is a gritty read. Rhiannon Evans



Kill Switch

From surviving a horrific terrorist attack in Northern Ireland, to the violence of the Gulf War and an assault course of harrowing experiences in Iraq, Bosnia and Columbia, Major Bill Shaw had seen it all. But Bill's strength and courage was tested to its absolute limits when he was arrested for a crime he did not commit.

Posted in Afghanistan after two years in Iraq, Bill was responsible for the safety of four hundred men in a full-scale danger zone in one of the most dangerous countries in the world. The married father and grandfather, who had risen through the ranks to become a commander of men and an MBE, had long accepted that each day could be his last. But he never expected to find his own life at risk under a corrupt legal system. Thrown into prison and forced to share a cramped, vermin-infested cell with sixteen Afghans, among them members of the Taliban and al-Qaeda, Bill had no idea when, or even if, he would see his family again.

This is the incredible true story of a brave soldier who survived some of the toughest war zones in the world only to face the nightmare of being wrongfully imprisoned a very long way from home. Gritty and gripping, this powerful military memoir is an eye-opening account of life on the frontline.


Killer's crypt

The latest instalment in the DI Shona McKenzie crime series.

Where better to dump a dead body than in a crypt? As the body count rises faster than the soaring temperatures, DI Shona McKenzie is hurtled into the midst of another deadly case. But this killer is always one step ahead of the law. Why? The revelation will shock them to the core.

Yet again Wendy Jones has set a serial killer loose in Dundee. This time Dundee is in a heatwave and someone is dumping bodies in crypts. A correct place you might think, but not when they are already occupied. Once again as the body count rises Shona and her trusty team are tested to the limit, but this case will shock everyone.

"Wendy brings Dundee to life. Yet again she brings humour to her gripping tale. I have loved all the DI Shona books so far and this is no exception."     Juliet D Madison

"Wendy has done it again. Another Shona mckenzie book with plenty murders and gruesomeness. There were so many murders that towards the end of the book I was beginning to wonder if the murderer was going to be unmasked in this book or if it would continue into another book."     Jen


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Killer's crypt

The latest instalment in the DI Shona McKenzie crime series.

Where better to dump a dead body than in a crypt? As the body count rises faster than the soaring temperatures, DI Shona McKenzie is hurtled into the midst of another deadly case. But this killer is always one step ahead of the law. Why? The revelation will shock them to the core.

Yet again Wendy Jones has set a serial killer loose in Dundee. This time Dundee is in a heatwave and someone is dumping bodies in crypts. A correct place you might think, but not when they are already occupied. Once again as the body count rises Shona and her trusty team are tested to the limit, but this case will shock everyone.

"Wendy brings Dundee to life. Yet again she brings humour to her gripping tale. I have loved all the DI Shona books so far and this is no exception."     Juliet D Madison

"Wendy has done it again. Another Shona mckenzie book with plenty murders and gruesomeness. There were so many murders that towards the end of the book I was beginning to wonder if the murderer was going to be unmasked in this book or if it would continue into another book."     Jen


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Book One of The Union Series

Andy Moralee knew that life with his new company of Dropship Infantry would be hard, but nothing could prepare him for life in one of the toughest units in the Union army. New arrivals, nicknamed ‘Crow’ by their platoons, are the lowest form of life in his Company, and he finds himself at the mercy of unforgiving commanders and bullies, all the time knowing that the real enemy are waiting for him at the end of his journey through the void. The enemy know that the Union are coming, they have dug in and fortified, and they are ready.

C.R.O.W is a Military Science Fiction novel that follows Andy Moralee across the cosmos, and into combat against a well-equipped enemy prepared to fight to the very end.

Phillip Richards is a soldier serving in the British Army, and an avid fan of science fiction. He has served in the army for twelve years since enlisting as a 17 year old boy, and since having done so he has served on eight operational tours. This includes operations in Kosovo as a peacekeeper, the Iraq Invasion of 2003, and several tours of Afghanistan. During this time he has promoted through the ranks to sergeant and has spent two years instructing infantry recruits in North England.

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After nearly 20 years of SAS operations, including a never before published role in the infamous Bravo Two Zero patrol, Bob Shepherd retired from the military to work as an advisor on the international commercial security circuit. Certain his most dangerous days were behind him, Bob settled into a sedate life looking after VIPs. Then 9/11 happened.

Bob found himself back in war zones on assignments far more perilous than anything he had encountered in the SAS: from ferrying journalists across firing lines in The West Bank and Gaza to travelling to the heart of Osama bin Laden’s Afghan lair. As part of a two-man team, Bob searched for ITN Correspondent Terry Lloyd’s missing crew in Basra, Iraq, while in Afghanistan he was forced to spend the night as the only Westerner in Khost – with a $25,000 bounty on his head.

As the War on Terror escalated, Bob contended with increasingly sophisticated insurgents. But the most disturbing development he witnessed was much closer to home: The Circuit’s rise from a niche business staffed by top veterans into an unregulated, billion dollar industry that too often places profits above lives. This is a pulse-racing and at times shocking testament to what is really happening, on the ground, in the major trouble spots of the world.

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First into Sangin is about a selection of men that were handpicked by the commanding officer of the First Battalion of the Royal Irish Regiment. The soldiers involved were at the top of their game and the fittest within the unit; one soldier in particular had been awarded the Military Cross for a complex ambush in Baghdad on the previous tour, but due to combat and casualties, he kept this hidden from his platoon. This is a story of a forgotten platoon. These soldiers being the first soldiers into the infamous Sangin town, they were the Irish Rangers.