Winter Driving Tips.
By JW Recovery Services.

With so many forecasts of very wintry weather for much of the UK.....

Essential kit to keep in your car:

  • First aid kit
  • Hi vis vest/jacket - visibility is always much worse in snow/icy conditions, especially at dusk.
  • Hat, scarf, gloves, blankets - do you keep spares in case you see someone in distress?!
  • Shovel
  • De-icer/scraper
  • Spare footwear - will your current footwear be up to a long walk in the snow?
  • Food and drink - you could be stuck in traffic for some time!
  • Fuel can - your engine may be running for longer than usual, will you have enough fuel? Always make sure you have more than needed in bad weather.
  • Warning triangle
  • Torch
  • Jump leads or booster pack - for you or to help another!
  • Flask of hot drink - very useful if locks get frozen - don’t pour onto frozen glass though!
  • Phone charger
  • Road map - if you breakdown, will your satnav help you if you have to walk?
  • Water/screenwash - salted roads are much dirtier and you will use a lot more screen wash
  • Footpump/air compressor

Stay safe everyone and be prepared to be able to help others...

And Finally

A word of warning

If you are caught by police driving with snow still on your car (even on the roof), or an officer sees it fall onto the road from your vehicle, you can be given a £60 fine and have three penalty points added to your licence.
The fine falls in line with section 229 of the Highway code which outlines correct guidelines for driving in adverse weather conditions.


The Elevator Pitch:

By Zero Alpha Media

I started Zero Alpha Media on Christmas Eve 2017. It was an important day for my family, but I didn’t want to wait any longer – that’s how important it is to me.


I’ve been involved with various Veterans’ groups for a while now, it’s like returning home. Veterans adapt, improvise and overcome – it’s their trademark. This makes them the ideal people to start businesses; often they’ve made split second decisions more important than any that a FTSE100 CEO will make. They are decisive, innovative and committed. They make some brilliant products and services as their businesses and they give these businesses 100% of their effort.

What Veterans tend to do less well is sell – both themselves and their businesses. Being seen as a ‘big-timer’ and boasting about your business are a big turn off to Veterans, so often brilliant concepts don’t get promoted as they should.

Since leaving the Army, I’ve run social media departments in agencies and I’m currently running PR and Government Affairs for the UK and Ireland division of a multi-billion Euro global renewable energy company. In starting Zero Alpha media, I calculated that years of experience could benefit Veterans and their businesses. Veteran businesses also tend to reinvest inside this country; the urge to serve this country never really leaves.

Zero Alpha Media will only work with Veteran-run organisations; it was started for a purpose and will stick with it. If we can help, get in touch via