World’s Toughest Watches

Born from a dream of “creating a watch that never breaks.”

It was over 30 years ago that CASIO engineer Kikuo Ibe won the battle against the laws of nature.

He designed a watch that would resist centrifugal and impact forces, as well as high water pressure.

Since then, the name G-SHOCK has become a byword for innovative design and pushing the limits of what is possible in watch making.

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The Next-Gen Mudmaster

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Watches that will stand every test! Find your next and only watch at G-SHOCK.co.uk.


G-SHOCK was developed at a time when watches were still fragile instruments. It all began with a young CASIO engineer who dreamed of “designing a watch that would not break even when dropped”.

The shock-proof G-SHOCK watches quickly became the epitome of robustness, innovation and multi-functionality.

Today, G-SHOCK has earned the privilege of being worn by men who are not willing to accept limits. Whether for everyday use, playing sport or under extreme outdoor conditions, G-SHOCK watches have been genuine all-rounders and reliable companions in every situation for almost 35 years.

Launching in 1983, with the first ever mud-resistant DW-5500C, G-SHOCK quickly turned its attention to inventing a range of innovative watches that were not only durable in the harshest environments but specially equipped to navigate conditions in the sky, on land and out at sea. Enter the MASTER OF G range, featuring the specialist MUDMASTER, RANGEMAN, GRAVITYMASTER, GULFMASTER and FROGMAN wristwatches.

The watch specialists at Casio G-SHOCK continue to challenge themselves to offer the latest in product design, manufacturing and technology, offering product at a range of prices and, most importantly, working to maintain the brand’s reputation and customer’s trust.